Web Portfolio

Back to the Basics Resume

This is a website I made and have been editing for quite some time, as it was my one of my first projects utilizing HTML and CSS’s bare essentials. As they always say, it never hurts to visit your roots and start from the ground up! It was a fun little experiment to practice making a small, simple site from scratch using nothing but Visual Studio Code and the feelings in deep in my heart.

Phantom Airborne – WordPress Site

I was one of those kids interested in web design since my dad did it, and growing up, I would always want to help him with his projects. That’s what made me able to start building my resume early! I helped on the back end with this WordPress site, and advised a bit on the design aspect of it as well. This was one of the biggest cornerstones of learning WordPress and how it works for me. For this site, it was mostly CSS overrides and fixing up what wouldn’t cooperate with the main layout designated by the original theme.

Phantom Airborne – Blazor Revision

This is a site with Blazor my father and I are working on; a revision for a brand new website for Phantom Airborne. I can only share a small image of some CSS as proof of work, but this is a work in progress at the moment.

And last but not least, this website in and of itself is my WordPress portfolio site. Happy browsing!